I’m supposed to be taking medical-related courses but. I like the idea of paying my bills out of something that I like to do. I guess, I already am a quarter age of a century, and it would be nice to be doing something that I like to do for the rest of my earthly existence.

*nerds out*


I don’t want to ever be forgetful about what everyone had done for me.
How deeply You blessed me through them.
How terrifying Your love and kindness is.

I see so much of You in them.

I see so much of You in him.

I’m really not trying to sound like “emo” or “edgy” at all.

But it was much more convenient being alone. Going through everything alone. And not having to worry about inconveniencing anyone. Nor cause an imposition or trouble.

Yet it’s also hard to unlearn it, too.


even now, i still can’t understand.
how could you be so kind.
how could you give me so much.
how could you step beyond the line.

you had no idea how much that nearly destroyed me.

and i have no idea why i am questioning all the wonderful deeds which you had only given me.

i don’t understand.

but i love you though. i love the little dood more i think. and i really think your wife is so beautiful. she is so beautiful.

“thank you for being you”.

who ever says things like that these days?

thank you for the gift of family though.
thank you, for your love.

i did not get a wink of sleep. ahh… it had to be last night huh. my sis and i talked all night. we talked about everything. and there’s a lot to cover.

and when it was over, i kept tossing and turning, my mind just decided to be elsewhere. ahh. why this. why. you…

waking up to this house. it surprisingly went a lot different. i woke up to the smell of my stepmom’s cooking. i got up to greet my parents a “good morning and kissed them both. my dad and my stepmom. it was like. a completely normal day. as if everything never happened. today went very different from what we all used to have. 

then i thought of the miracle man. this must be their doing. i smiled.

we sat and prayed. we thanked for many things. we ate. we talked.

it was surprisingly a kind day.

thank You. and thank you.