January 18, 2020

July 10, 2019
Really nice shushi detto with the best fren today after a long day/week of work.

July 13, 2019
we went to see the spidermang far from home movie!

July 2017
My first anime expo experience.

Chaffey College 2014-2017 and Student Expo 2017
I was pursuing a nursing career at the time.
I was given the exciting opportunity to help create a mural for the Montlair Place Mall with my art instructor Chris Trueman along a few other colleagues.

June 17, 2015
Distant Worlds at Los Angeles, CA
Karen and I were so lucky to meet Yoshi-P in person!

Monterey Bay Aquarium 2018

Hangout with my friend Karen at Little Tokyo 2018
Kinokuya Bookstore

Little Tokyo with Riley 2018

Japanese Friendship Garden in San Diego, CA with Riley 2018
We were going to see Porterman’s concert at that time.

Forest date with Riley 2018
Angeles National Forest in Pasadena, CA

A walk at Bolsa Chica with friends 2018

Ireland and friends! June 2019
After finding Gabby again whom I met in Deviantart back in 2004, I wanted to come visit her in Ireland! We did a lot of catching up and it still wasn’t enough! She was quite sincere towards everything and her art. Sweet, kind and quite lovely to chat with. I miss her and company a lot! We also went to see Riley’s friends, too. It was great to meet everyone.
Ireland was really beautiful, filled with greenery and cozy, pleasant Irish folk.
I would like to return to Ireland and visit everyone again!

My old job 2015-2019
I felt that’s important to often look back how things were, and remind myself both the good and the struggling times.
That time when I was going through one of the main phases in my lifeーmy very good friend and brother for life Dan whom I’ve looked up to was there for me.

Riley and meeting everyone in Pasadena for Thanksgiving 2017
Riley made this bracelet for me.
The CDs which he curated for me.
I was experiencing everything for the first time with him, and I could never have it any other way.

April 29, 2019
He brought me to Disneyland (Los Angeles, CA) for my birthday.
I haven’t gone to Disney since I moved to the US in 2010!
It was the bestest birthday/date I had ever.

January 10, 2018
I moved in to Emmy’s house.
It’s where I experienced a lot of healing and the love of home being in her care. I think of her as my mother from God Father’s side.
I truly miss her and Happy every day!

California 2019

February 14, 2020
Moving out and in to Fullerton

Settling in our apartment 2020

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