I’m playing mabinogi again! But as a new starting character for the nao server.

I used a name generator that I googled to decide on the name lol I did think on it long and hard to give it some love though.


It’s a good day if I’m able to play mabi and even pick up my sketchbook to draw. (*’v`*)
I also konmari my room and finished today, too.

I dwelt on my friend’s advice and so I decided to get the traveler’s company traveler’s notebook over the hobonichi. I made the purchase at jetpens today and I’m excited for my order to arrive!

I did pay a little more than I would with a hobonichi but the traveler’s notebook will help me save alot in the next few years. I won’t be able to write everyday so the traveler’s notebook will definitely fit my style. (人´♡`)

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