i did not get a wink of sleep. ahh… it had to be last night huh. my sis and i talked all night. we talked about everything. and there’s a lot to cover.

and when it was over, i kept tossing and turning, my mind just decided to be elsewhere. ahh. why this. why. you…

waking up to this house. it surprisingly went a lot different. i woke up to the smell of my stepmom’s cooking. i got up to greet my parents a “good morning and kissed them both. my dad and my stepmom. it was like. a completely normal day. as if everything never happened. today went very different from what we all used to have. 

then i thought of the miracle man. this must be their doing. i smiled.

we sat and prayed. we thanked for many things. we ate. we talked.

it was surprisingly a kind day.

thank You. and thank you.


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