I always said to myself, how very little to no time I have to spend on false things. But I still pushed myself even beyond giving up. My head had to be hammered more than a thousand times before I could finally give in and realize that everything no longer validates my full efforts, not to mention my self-worth, my self-respect, my existence.

Until one day, I finally accepted complete surrender. Love slowly flowed in.

Everything changed.

And I saw God in everything, in everyone, in everywhere.

I saw God in him.


How hard it is you are going through, the others said.

It’s the only route I see – that doesn’t inconvenience anyone else that much.

I actually forgot how to breathe right. Then, I realized how sad it felt when I did. So now I’m trying, to, take, full, breaths.

I am doing my best.

Everybody that I know didn’t have much of a muscle for empathy.
So when something good happened, people showed less sympathy.

People could destroy beautiful things. Naturally, I hid everything.