We celebrated Mother’s Day yesterday with grilled hotdogs, meatball stew with white sauce and cheesecake. I thought I made the stew a bit too rich lol

I drew my first arrow today! I had a good teacher.

I drew a few more then the mosquitos started eating me.

We’re grilling hotdogs for dinner. I’m watching a ghibli movie (The Cat Returns) in the meantime.

I’m itchy.


Thank you, Dear♡
The ghibli movies were a huge surprise.

We ate at Olive Garden (just because I have not tried it yet lol)
The red wine and bread were delicious!

We walked around the bookstore for a little bit, went to get ice cream and butter pecan coffee.

Spending the day together with you is what I love the most. Thank you for a lovely birthday. ♡

I still dislike that you always spoil me. I had always felt underserving of you since the beginning.


My favorite author on YouTube, yamameさん, is back and I am so happy to find her post a new video yesterday.

After two yearsーa new video! I was worried and sad for awhile that something bad may have happened to her and may never post again…

I’d often find myself checking back on her account for anything new. I would also watch her past videos to ease the longing. I really like the music she chooses and the sound of her kitchen, and the beautiful clips of her country.

Yesterday was also the day we moved to Tennessee. It is peaceful here and the weather is lovely.

Our things are still in transit and may arrive in the next few days. Our second car may get here tonight.

There are still a lot of work to do before we actually settle down. I will be returning to my job in March.