It is ok to allow my self to not see things it does not want to see. To not hear things it does not want to hear. Even if that has something to do with the people closest to me.

I probably won’t be able to have complete control of everything for very long. But I must at least be honest with myself.

I’m playing mabinogi again! But as a new starting character for the nao server.

I used a name generator that I googled to decide on the name lol I did think on it long and hard to give it some love though.


It’s a good day if I’m able to play mabi and even pick up my sketchbook to draw. (*’v`*)
I also konmari my room and finished today, too.

I dwelt on my friend’s advice and so I decided to get the traveler’s company traveler’s notebook over the hobonichi. I made the purchase at jetpens today and I’m excited for my order to arrive!

I did pay a little more than I would with a hobonichi but the traveler’s notebook will help me save alot in the next few years. I won’t be able to write everyday so the traveler’s notebook will definitely fit my style. (人´♡`)

Ahh, Monday. I don’t abhor you. I don’t like you either. Going back to the usual routine is good I guess.

I cleaned up my main again and updated the about page. During downtime at work, I thought about how I should minimize and balance my social media usage and presence:

1. twitter – main social, drawings
2. instagram – art and journal inspiration (my account will be temporarily down for the meantime!)
3. main blog – personal posts, photos, life, etc

My friend came to visit me last Saturday. We pretty much hanged out the whole day –  We went to a couple malls lol, we walked around and visited shops, ate hotpot and went to a barnes & noble cafe.

She showed me her hobonichi again and it was filled with her beautiful handwriting and cute little drawings. I felt so happy to have seen a page completely filled with writing. I felt so inspired that I wondered if I should start a hobonichi, too! Her good advice was to think very hard on it. I understand because they are kinda expensive so I should really consider if I can commit to writing a journal daily.
Something for me to think about. 〔´∇`〕

Week 2

Instructor [Vance Kovacs] made a couple points that just sank into me from last class – We are living in a generation that is going through a [low-attention span culture], and how one must [take the time to look at one painting].

Notice the mark-makings, the lines, the shapes, all the values that formed it.

[Spend enough time with the painting]. Breathe it in. Absorb it. Look at it well.

It made me thought of what I have been doing, how I should be more aware. I ought [to slow down, stop, and look at things].