I have always avoided her gaze. I could not look at mirrors and that went on for about a year. Probably longer.

Today, I took a good look at her, just briefly. I saw she didn’t look as sad or lost anymore. She looked healthy, and happier in the eyes.

That made me tear up a little.

People who hurt or bring others down are the ones who are already lost. Do not do anything. Do not hurt anyone back. Be above that.

Do not show any traces of you suffering, grieving, and healing.

Give everything time.

During your absence, people may be consistently hoping of your defeat but they are ones hurting themselves doing that.

So pray for them. Pray for kindness. Pray for everything to heal. Pray for your pursuers.

Surround yourself with people and friends who love you and build you.

Make sure you get lots sleep, water, and food.